All You Need to Know Concerning Medical Research - PBMCs

As a matter of fact, technological advancements have affected every sector in the economy. This is not different when it comes to medical services and research. Different treatment methods have been invented. In fact, people have devised different methods for treating diseases. One of this method is the use of PBMCs analysis. 

Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells analysis remains one of the most reliable and minimally noninvasive and inexpensive bio-marking methods for different blood-related diseases. Some of these diseases include dementia, sickle cell anemia, different forms of cancer, blood sugar or diabetes among other blood-related disorders. A PBMC is basically a type of peripheral blood cell that contains around nucleus such as monocytes, NK, B, and T lymphocytes. Learn more pbmc plasma

During the research, a separation method known as apheresis is used. In this method, the blood is removed from the body of the patient and separated into its primary constituent parts. This allows the doctors or researchers to remove the specific component from the blood. The rest of the product is then taken back to the patient.


Due to this fact, the method has been widely used for patients who need to undergo a human primary cell analysis, removal or replacement. In fact, in order for one to be injected with a fresh leukopak, you have to undergo an apheresis where the unwanted cells are removed and replaced with new ones. This has been one of the reliable methods for treating blood sugar, blood cancer, and sickle cell anemia. 

Apheresis has also been widely used in the research of human primary cells or primary human leukocytes. This is what has brought into existence the Leukopaks that help people buy PBMCs. This is because they are commercial products sold to people suffering from peripheral blood mononuclear cells or PBMCs. In order for a whole pak to be generated, multiple volumes will have to be processed from the same donor. 

This makes the volume of lymphocytes to be higher compared to the volume of the blood in the pack. This is what makes leukopaks beneficial over a buffer coat isolation method. One of the reasons is because the human PBMC collection using leukopak apheresis method will have a higher volume of cells compared to buffer coat collection. See human pbmc


On the other hand, you will only get the cells you are in need of and return the remaining solution to the body of the donor. On the other hand, this is one of the most reliable noninvasive research methods for blood-related problems. In fact, it is widely used in the procurement of HSCs during stem cell therapies.

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